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Fermanagh July 2019

photos from The Watermill Lodge and Topped Mountain in Fermanagh

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Mount Leinster, Co. Carlow, early morning : v02.08.504 at The Forge B&B, Ullard, Borris, looking towards Mount Leinster : v02.08.504 0.9.143 : N The Forge B&B, Ullard, Borris : N
The Forge, Ullard : N Country scene : N The Blackstairs Mountains : N hay bales : N
Ballymacormick Point looking towards Groomsport : N tanker off Ballymacormick Point : N Ballymacormick Point looking towards Bangor : N Portavoe from the air : N
Portavoe Reservoir : N DJI 0008 Sunny Bangor : N Ballynoe Stone Circle, Downpatrick : N
Ballynoe, Co. Down : N Ballynoe Stone Circle : N Ballynoe, looks like a big spider : N Ballynoe video, with music