Blair Atholl August 2020

Tulloch Hill from The Whim viewpointNEW Lynn at The Whim overlooking Blair CastleNEW view from The WhimNEW P1050843NEW
Lynn and me doing the tourist thingNEW view of Blair Castle from the viewpointNEW Lynn takes in the viewNEW Banvie Burn bridgeNEW
Banvie GlenNEW P1050850NEW P1050851NEW Highland's PanoramaNEW
Bruar WoodsNEW the ubiquitous stone manNEW P1050856NEW Scottish thistleNEW
another stone manNEW wild raspberries (free!)NEW Balvenie PillarNEW Cream tea at Blair AthollNEW
Lynn at Balvenie PillarNEW Lynn  picnic at Bruar FallsNEW Lynn at McKay's, Pitlochry. Cheers!NEW This is a proper gammon! (McKay's, Pitlochry)NEW
Waterfall, Birks o' AberfeldyNEW Lynn at Birks o' AberfeldyNEW WaterfallNEW another waterfallNEW
Lynn and Rabbie BurnsNEW roadside picnic at the River Tummel near PitlochryNEW River Garry selfie (Blair Atholl)NEW Lynn at The Watermill (Blair Atholl)NEW